The way you act…

A recent event has prompted the subject of my blog today.  There are many people in this life that just do not understand how their actions and words can have a drastic affect on the person they are aimed at.  Myself?  People have looked at me before, and said ‘You have it easy, you know nothing of hardship’ and so on.  Maybe not in the way that they mean, but..

I am 36 years old, and for most of my life I have been subject of bullying in one form or another.  Growing up, my biological Dad rejected me.  This is the man who left my Mum when I was around 3ish.  I remember little of him, like the way he used to ignore me if he saw me whilst I was out with my Mum.  Going on from there, like a number of people, I was mentally and physically bullied throughout school, which left me with a very jaded outlook on life.  And most recently, I was subject to ridicule and humiliation when working for First West Yorkshire.  Something they did nothing about.  Oh, and lastly, the person in Burger King who took great delight in humiliating me when I ordered food there.

I look back on all of this (and there is so very much more I could add, but I digress), and as I said at the start of today’s blog, people do *not* realise what a profound affect their actions can have,  They just do not care, or just are plain cruel.

So why the blog today, I hear the masses (maybe) crying out.  Well, I own two cats (or maybe they own me, never managed to work that out).  The youngest is a tubby female called Chantelle, who is a very aloof feline.  And then there is Clay.  He is the clumsiest and daftest cat I know, but so very loving.  Both of my cats came from a rescue centre.  It has taken a lot of time, care, and love to get them to the way they are now.  And then some person ruins it.  How?  Well, Clay loves to spend time outside the house, on the pavement and greet passers-by, trying to get petted.  It so happens that someone took exception to this.  From the witness who knocked on our door and reported this, a ethnic minority type, decided for whatever reason to aim a kick directly at my poor defenceless feline!

Clay run off around the house, to cower under the planter in the back garden, and the person in question sauntered off.  Needless to say I was a little tiny bit upset.  Trying to coax him back into the house so I could check him over took some doing.  In one thoughtless action, he undid 13 years of love.  Clay is fine now though.  He has no lasting injury, barring those of old age, and he’s mostly back to his exuberant self again.

Moral of all this though folks?  Treat those how you expect to be treated! To quote a famous duo of film ‘Be excellent to each other….and….PARTY ON, DUDES!’