Nerves and Fear and Excitement, oh my!!

Well, the Thursday just gone marked the entry into the last week before the big day for me.  No longer was it ages and ages away, but a week.  Today is just 4 little days to go.  The nerves that were quietly bubbling away inside of me, have kind of erupted into a huge massive lava spewing volcano that almost seems like it wants to consume me.

I’ve had surgery in the past.  I tried to count how many times I have been under the knife in 36 years.  Now, including last years gallbladder removal, tonsils, 3 mastoidectomies, and more sets of grommets than I can count, I exceed 20 surgeries.  However, none of them prompted this kind of nervous anticipation.

I know, I know, the previous operations were not life changing to the extent that this one is, but I really didn’t expect to be quite this nervous and excited.  Combined with the hot flushes, which *ARE* a nightmare, I’m barely sleeping and nervous eating far far to much because of this.  Admittedly, I am taking prescription sleeping pills every other day to help, but even these do not take the edge off.

4 days though.  Well, 3 days, 11 hours, and 27 minutes according to the app on my smartphone.  And each of those days right now seems like an eternity.  I’m desperately trying to keep busy, and keep my mind focused elsewhere.  I’ve got something to do Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday…..well, Wednesday is now called bowel prep day.  Yes, it’s the picolax treatment in preparation for the day after….oh joy!  I think I’ll spare you all the gory details on that day.

2 thoughts on “Nerves and Fear and Excitement, oh my!!

  1. Hi, just came across your post and thought I would just wish you luck. Hardly necessary really if my experience a few years ago was anything to go by. I feared having to spend such a long time on my back and the boredom that would ensue but time flashed by in a daze, the first few days quite literally!

    Once I arrived I thought I would be in an emotional state and anxious about the procedure. The staff were so caring and professional I felt completely at ease and because what I was to undergo was was something I had never had any doubts about since being a child, the relief of having got there left me utterly calm.

    Thankfully the operation is now well practiced and routine, just pack some music, lie back and relax.


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