Things are amoving!

Things for me have just become so much more real.  I had my pre-operative assessment yesterday (Friday).  Now, I have had a bunch of surgery in my 36 years, so have been through the process a number of times, but none as big as this.  I’m sure those who have had surgery before know what a pre-op consists of.  You know, height, weight blood tests etc.  So yes, vital stuff, but nothing to make you nervous.  And yet, walking through those doors at Methley Park, you would have thought it was ‘the day’!

I did find out a whole bunch of other stuff as well.  Like, the day before I have to do stomach cleansing (eww!) which involved 2 sachets of something called Picolax and a limited diet.  Apparently, this is needed as, and get this, following the op, I have to have 5 days of bed rest.  Yes, that is right, 5 days in bed.  God, that will drive me banana’s.  I’ll have to make sure to take lots of films, and maybe a project to do in hospital!

I have to say, I walked out of that hospital with my head spinning with things confirmed that I’d been reading about, and with the new information.  However, one thing I do know for sure.  This is the right path.  Yes, there are nerves and worries, but that is natural.  But this feels so right.  It will be worth the pain and tears (and epidurals and stomach cleansings!) to finally be the person on the outside, that I am inside!

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