And yet still closer..

With 2 weeks left today, things seem to be heading into high gear for me.  There is so much to get done, and it just seems so little time to do it all in.  There’s a house to be cleaned, the last few bits of Christmas shopping…oh geez, and the list goes on.

Saying which though, with the pending big day approaching, and the need to actually *be* organised this year is actually a good thing.  I have to admit, that normally at this point the shopping would have only just been started, and not nearly finished as it is.  That is not saying I want this to happen every year, but it seems there is some good things about it!

The thing I am happiest about having completed though, is getting Eric’s and mine bedroom painted and the new carpets done.  We said we wanted it done before I went in to have my surgery, and as of today, the final bit of decorating has been done, however unexpected the last bit was.  However, I admit I was worried about doing the woodwork on the doors, as yesterday I had an early Christmas present from Mum.

I spent a glorious relaxing 2 hours at Impressions hairdressers (thoroughly wonderful people who do a wonderful job) having my hair styled in preparation for my stay in Methley Park Hospital.  My hair is now shoulder length (again) with red highlights.  I am so pleased with the results!  All I need to do now, is to have it done more often!

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